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Custom Knee Braces in Markham, ON


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From everyday exercise and extreme events, to leading an active lifestyle, our knees tend to be one of the most commonly injured parts of the body. At Active Life Physiotherapy centre our knee brace specialists have been treating a wide variety of knee conditions, ligament damage and ACL surgery repair! During that time we have treated many patients who have undergone knee surgery such as knee cartilage repair and ACL surgery to reconstruct the torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. In combination with an active Physiotherapy program, our Physiotherapists will often prescribe a state-of-the-art custom fitted ACL knee brace. These innovative ACL brace designs and technologies help our patients to prevent, and rehabilitate from knee injuries and knee surgery. An ACL brace also provides an excellent adjunct to Physiotherapy. Following ACL reconstructive surgery, surgeons and physiotherapists will often prescribe, and patients frequently request a functional ACL brace. A properly prescribed and custom fitted ACL brace has been clinically proven to reduce strain on the ACL and also provides our patients with the confidence to begin the journey back to their previous levels of activity. Whether you are itching to get back to the hockey rink, football field, volleyball court, basketball court, or to stroll around the block, we will help get you back to your activity or sport, safely and confidently !

Our knee bracing experts at our orthopaedic clinic in Markham only prescribe DonJoy knee braces. DonJoy's dynamic brace design is the market leader in orthopaedic knee bracing and they continues to lead the way in bracing technology and research. We will ensure that you are correctly prescribed and expertly fitted for the brace that best suits your needs. We will get you back in the game, safely and confidently. If you have any questions or require further information please call us today!